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Mythical Hybrid Animals Coloring Book cover. A brightly colored drawing of a tiger combined with a butterfly-like moth.

What happens if you combine a tiger and a moth? What about a giraffe and a flamingo?

Find out in this charming and whimsical coloring book featuring 20 original drawings created exclusively for this book by illustrator Aric Hutfles!

Relax and have fun coloring these imaginative animals!

Learn About Real Hybrid Animals!

A liger laying in a zoo exhibit. A liger is a hybrid of a lion and a tiger. It is a large cat that is the tawny color of a lion but with brown stripes like a tiger.

Did you know hybrid animals actually exist in real life? How are they created? Learn about real hybrids like ligers, zorses, and… mules?

Print Free Sample Coloring Pages!

A sampling of pages from the Mythic Hybrid Animals coloring book.

A variety of pages directly from the Mythical Hybrid Animals Coloring Book, free for you to color! Simply download, print, and enjoy!

Order Mythic Hybrid Animals Merch!

A variety of products based on the creatures from the Mythic Hybrid Animals Coloring Book including a t-shirt, a mug, and a backpack.

Get the fun designs from the coloring book on awesome products like t‑shirts, mugs, and more!